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Never leave your clothes soggy or wrinkly in the machine ever again!

Laundry Time is the ad-free way to set up to 8 alarm timers for your laundry!

Laundry Time features 4 washers, 4 dryers, custom alerts, and a lexicon to interpret the laundry symbols on your clothes. The washer and dryer counters will keep track of the number of loads, while the Snooze button allows you to quickly turn off an alarm. Laundry Time also supports rinse cycle alerts (useful on older washing machines) and saves your previous timer setting into memory, so you only need to enter it once. Laundry Time even allows you to set an alarm for up to twelve hours - use it while cooking in the kitchen or taking long naps!


Laundry Time on Google Play for your Android devices, including phones and tablets.

Google Play


Laundry Time on Amazon for your Android phones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire.

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  • Select a washer or dryer, set the hours and minutes, then click Start Timer to begin the countdown. An alarm will sound when the time is up.
  • Customize your alarms with sound or vibration in the Settings page. You may set your alarms to either ring once or ring repeatedly until you stop them.
  • To silence an alarm while it is ringing, press the Snooze button. (Maybe we should call it the Stop the Ringing Alarm button.)
  • To stop a timer while it is counting down, select the corresponding washer or dryer, then click Stop Timer.
  • To stop all timers at once, press the Menu button (on your device), then select Reset Timers.
  • Laundry Time will remember the most recent hours and minutes set for each type of laundry machine.
  • Use the Rinse Timer in the Settings page to add an additional alarm during your wash cycle for fabric softener or bleach. The Rinse Timer will be set in minutes and seconds (mm:ss).
  • Estimate your laundry costs using the counters in the Settings page. The counters will reset if you press the Menu button (on your device) and choose Reset Settings.
  • Restarting your device will erase all alarms, but restarting the app will re-activate any alarms that were running before shutoff.
  • If our app does not work well on your device, please click on our email address at the bottom of this page to report the problem. We take all issues seriously and we will do our best to fix them.

Clean Clothes Checklist

  1. Pre-treat stains as soon as they are discovered
  2. Sort clothes by color fastness and fiber content
  3. Ready garments by closing zippers, fasteners, and hooks
  4. Bring detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets, and other supplies
  5. Prepare payment options if you use a laundromat
  6. Check washing machine for socks and small items
  7. Sort clothes by weight and separate for drying
  8. Remove dryer lint
  9. Check dryers for socks and small items
  10. Put away detergent and other supplies
  11. Hang permanent press garments
  12. Fold remaining items

Handy Hints

  1. To test a garment for color fastness, apply warm water to an inconspicuous area and press with a warm iron between two pieces of white cloth.
  2. Turn delicates and even dark jeans inside out before laundering to protect the exterior finish.
  3. Streaks of powder mean that too much detergent was used.
  4. Soak stains in cold water before it has time to set.
  5. Liquid fabric softener can also reduce the effects of hard water on your clothes, keeping bright colors bright longer.
  6. Consider putting delicate garments into mesh laundry bags.
  7. Add bleach at the end of the wash cycle. Time this appropriately.
  8. Add fabric softener when the rinse cycle is full. Time this appropriately.

Going Green

  1. 90% of the energy used by a washing machine heats the water. Only 10% powers the motor.
  2. Always use cold water in the rinse cycle, as it does not affect the cleaning power of the load.
  3. Only use hot water when there are greasy stains that you were not able to pre-treat.
  4. Top-loading washers use twice as much water than a front-loading washing machine.
  5. Use the laundromat, because commercial washers and dryers are more energy and water efficient than domestic machines, often requiring a fraction of the detergent as regular machines.
  6. Select a green dry cleaner in your area, and be aware that many delicates can be easily hand washed or cleaned in the gentle cycle.
  7. Concentrated detergents have reduced packaging and are more effective.
  8. Choose eco-friendly detergents, which are also gentler on the skin.
  9. Do 1 full load instead of 2 smaller loads.
  10. Sort garment for weights when drying so that light garments do not over dry.
  11. Consider reusable dryer balls, which can speed up the drying process.
  12. Clean the dryer's lint filter at every load, and check the dryer exhaust duct periodically.
  13. Doing several loads of laundry together uses heat and water more efficiently.
  14. Target stains by pre-treating as soon as the stain is discovered to reduce the amount of overall detergent required in the wash cycle.
  15. Pre-soaking an extra dirty load will allow it to go through a regular wash cycle instead of an extended cycle.


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Laundry Time Laundry Time Laundry Time Laundry Time